Download Fake Bitcoin Sender For Iphone | Iphone Bitcoin Flasher


Unlimited Lifetime Support 50 Bitcoins per day limit Supports all wallets Wallet to wallet transfer Send confirmed and Unconfirmed Bitcoin Android and Iphone Installation


Fake Bitcoin Sender For Iphone | Iphone Bitcoin Flasher

This is the ultimate fake bitcoin sender(bitcoin flashing tool0 for iPhone devices. It supports all versions iPhone from the latest releases right up to old versions. Enjoy the proficiency of generating fake bitcoin transactions at the comfort your iphones.

How does fake bitcoin sender for iphone work?

It works by deploying transactions on the blockchain on the nodes that already exist. That’s why the transactions appear in wallet but are fake because it does not have a real time value that is thesame as the value of BTC.  After you download and install the software to your phone you will have the option to enter the amount of fake bitcoins that you want transfer and the wallet you want to send the amount to. The fake bitcoin  sender software for iphone devices currently can send a maximum of 50 Bitcoins per day. We will keep you updated if we make any updates on future versions and extended daily limits.

Where can I buy fake bitcoin sender for iphone

The only reliable sources on the clear web where you can buy this software safely is and If you want to get information on how to buy this software on the darkweb, contact support team on telegram or whatsapp at the bottom of your screen.

Uses of  fake bitcoin software for iphone

There are several uses cases for this software but however you decide to use it is your responsibility  we would not be accountable if you’re caught in the abuse of the software or use for illegal purposes. some of wide known uses of this software include

  • Casino websites
  • Bitcoin investment platforms
  • mining
  • pranking friends and family
  • fake bitcoin trades

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